Ben Miller Head Coach 2018 der Geese.


Hey kids, shake it loose together, the spotlight’s hitting something that’s been known to change the weather...

Benjamin Miller Spielertrainer der Geese 2018. Ben war bereits 2016 bei den Geese als Pitcher zu Gast, nach Stationen in Australien und Frankreich kehrt er nach Österreich zurück. Wir sind glücklich mit Ben einen Trainer gefunden zu haben der die Geese und Baseball Österreich kennt, und dazu noch eine großartige Persönlichkeit ist. Jetzt kann die Saison 2018 kommen.

Geese: Hey Benjamin, we´re happy to announce you as the head coach of the geese for the 2018 season. How are you?

Ben: I’m doing well. More than excited to reunite with my old team as the head coach and player this time around.

Geese: What are the reasons you signed with the geese in 2018?

Ben: While I came off an average season in France, I felt I needed to rehab and make some improvements in my game both as a player and coach, so the Geese seemed like the perfect place to do it. I also want to win another championship with the Geese and the glorious country of Austria.

Geese: You played already for a couple of month for the Geese in 2016 and visit us again in 2017, what happened in your life in the mean time?

Ben: After leaving the Geese in the fall of 2016 the following day of our championship win, I went to play in Melbourne, Australia as well, where we lost the championship in the last inning. Then I reunited with my old Geese teammate Michael Gonzalez and we played in France for the French Cubs de Chartres, where although we didn’t win very much and I had a shoulder injury, I was able to travel much of Europe, visiting England, the Netherlands and Austria. I decide after the French season to take a break and work in the US and spend time with my family for a bit in New York City.

Geese: You´ve been travelling a lot in the last years, what can you say about Baseball Austria?

Ben: Austrian baseball impressed me early on. While teams aren’t fully equipped at all 9 positions, there are always a select few who display legitimate ability. Austrian and European baseball as a whole has gotten better since I first came over and will only evolve even further.

Geese: What are your goals and expectations for 2018?

Ben: My goals are to re-establish that same chemistry from 2016 with the Geese and utilize the skills I’ve seen with most of the players and to come into August knowing the playoffs are not the goal, but the championship itself is. The Geese have shown before that they don’t need an import to win, so being able to coach them and play for them is more of an advantage for me instead, especially as the head coach this time around.

Geese: Thanks a lot Ben, see you on the field in Rohrbach!

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