Interview mit Mark Boyer – Head coach of the Rohrbach Crazy Geese

“I know that you speak German in Austria” Mark about Austria

“’A serious club, plus you have a beautiful field” Mark about the Geese

“I will be at the field almost every day in the 6 months” – Mark about himself

 Mark Boyer

Geese: Hello Mark, welcome to the Geese organization. How are you?

Mark: I am doing great, thank you.

Geese: Can you describe yourself a little bit and tell us about your baseball career?

Mark: I was born and raised in Riverside, California near Los Angeles. I am married with no children yet. My wife is in medical school to become a heart surgeon. I started playing baseball when I was 5 years old. I fell in love with the game and have played ever since. I played in Little League, Pony League, High School, Junior College, University and in the Germany League (DBV). I have coached high school, University and I helped coach in the DBV.

Geese: You coached and played already in Germany, what is your knowledge about Europe and especially about Austria?

Mark: My knowledge of Europe is limited. I know the geography and a lot of the history but I am still learning more and more about the culture as I am exposed to them. Everything in Europe seems so diverse. I have visited many European countries during my travels and I have enjoyed all of them. The only city in Austria I have visited is Salzburg, which I enjoyed immensely. It is a wonderful city. I know that you speak German in Austria, which I know a little of and am learning more and more.

Geese: Where are the big differences between European and US Baseball in your point of view?

Mark: The main difference between U.S. and European Baseball is the speed of the game. In the U.S. everything is faster, The pitchers pitch faster, the runners run faster, the fielders have more range and throw harder and the hitters hit harder. Other than that we tend to have a lot more players on a team. There are typically at least 30 players on a roster. I noticed while I was in Germany, that a team is lucky to have 15 players available.

Geese: What were your reasons to join the Geese this year?

Mark: I had many offers to play this year but I chose the Geese because it seems like you are a serious club that wants to invest time and energy in your players to make the organization better as a whole. Plus from what I see, you have a beautiful field.

Geese: So far, what are your plans with the team?

Mark: I plan on helping the team learn more about the game, get better in aspects that you are struggling in and win the championship at all of the levels. I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my role as Head coach/player. I truly love baseball and helping others get better and reach their goals.

Geese: Can you tell us what the people, the players and the Club can expect from you this year- on the field, during the practice and offside the field?

Mark: The Club and players can expect me to help them in any way needed. I will be available anytime to help. I plan to do a little bit of traveling, but not too much, so I will be at the field almost every day in the 6 months I am there. If guys need individual help, I will be more than happy to work with them individually any time. I can play pretty much every position, some better than others, so I can easily fill a spot that we need to fill to be a good all around club. My main position will be catcher though. During practices we will do a lot of work. I will determine what areas of the game we need to work on and focus on them until we are a solid all around. Once that happens, we will continue to improve.

Geese: Thank you Mark for your time. We are all looking forward to see you at the field in Rohrbach!

Mark: Thank you.

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