Interview mit Head Coach Nicholas

Am Samstag, 01.April, landet unser neuer Head Coach in Wien. Vorab gibt es ein kleines Interview um ihn kennen zu lernen.
Nicholas Willoghby wird 2017 die Position des Trainer bei den Geese übernehmen. Wir wünschen viel Spaß und Erfolg.
Welcome Nicholas!

Geese: Hello Nicholas, welcome to the Geese organization. How are you?
Nicholas: Hello, I am very well. Excited to get the season underway.
Geese: Can you give us a short description about yourself and your baseball career?
Nicholas: I am a young man from Maryland, which is right outside of DC. I am an ex collegiate and multi-level baseball player. I have bounced around a lot and tried to find a good fit. I am a utility player and a switch hitter so I have been quite successful on most teams I have ever played on.
Geese: What do you know about Austria and the baseball scene in Europe?
Nicholas: I am not familiar with Austria, or European baseball to be honest. The Geese will be my first European team.
Geese: What were your reasons to join the Geese this year?
Nicholas: I joined the Geese mainly due to the appeal of the team. I liked talking to Thomas and Christian and feel we got along very well and seemed to fit me the best for a team and culture, especially for my first experience overseas.
Geese: So far, what are your plans with the team?
Nicholas: My plans for the team are to play and help coach them as much as possible. I hope to bring my knowledge of the game and teach as much as I can to the players in Austria. I hope to be a valuable asset for the other players and hope they learn from me, and also teach me new ways to go about the game of baseball.
Geese: Can you tell us what the people, the players and the Club can expect from you this year- on the field, during the practice and offside the field?
Nicholas: At all time the geese can expect a model character and class. I plan to be as professional on and off the field as I possibly can be. I will also come with the intent to win. I want to win the whole league and will play as hard as I can and coach as much as I can to produce success.

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